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FactoryTalk Twin Studio

Aug 29, 2023 2:19:37 PM / by Rockwell Automation

Your Digital Engineering Cloud Solution by Rockwell Automation

Now you can develop projects better and faster using digital engineering software in the cloud, taking your team from concept to virtual commissioning - remotely and seamlessly.


FactoryTalk Twin Studio


FactoryTalk® Twin Studio™  is an end-to-end automation design solution where teams can design, program, simulate, emulate and virtually commission in one cloud environment, making it easier than ever to collaborate on a common model and refine designs.


On-demand digital design software enables a simpler, more efficient way to work from any web browser with software that is always up to date and flexibly scales users and compute capacity to meet project workload demands. The result is better designs that are developed quicker.


Deliver projects faster.

Collaborate on projects from anywhere to improve designs and develop projects faster than ever before.


Amplify value.  

Build, test and commission your machines virtually to confirm that they meet your needs before committing to a design.


Save time and money.

Remotely deploy updates and troubleshoot problems from anywhere using your web browser.


With the FactoryTalk Twin Studio environment, automation designers can easily collaborate across disciplines and harness the power of digital design to create more capable machines that deliver new levels of productivity. You can work in four design solutions in one single cloud platform:



Take the guesswork out of your decision making. Move confidently forward using Arena software. Improve processes and reduce risk by performing discrete event simulation on your large and complex processes with Arena® Simulation software.


Studio 5000 Logix Designer®

Optimize your automation system performance by programming, collaborating and scaling your control code with Studio 5000 Logix Designer®.


FactoryTalk® Logix

Improve the design and build of your machines using the ability to test and troubleshoot emulated code without target hardware and in real-time with FactoryTalk® Logix.



Build digital twins of your systems to confirm components, optimize designs and perform virtual commissioning without the need for physical equipment using Emulate3D™. See how your machine runs before parts are ordered. Discover controls issues before you go on site. And transport plant personnel to a virtual world where they can train on systems without consequence, predict future performance and simulate line changes.


•   Reduce risk

•   Accelerate schedules

•   Enable better agility


Try out this Cloud-Native design platform and experience the difference and ease it will add to the way your team collaborates. Our Automation experts will help you get started.

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